Custom Bottle Design

Having put our heart and soul into getting this business off the ground, we couldn’t just let our spirits go out the door in a bottle that you can from any old supplier. Instead, we opted for the custom bottle route. More expensive for us, yes. But as I have promised many (including myself), we are not going to cut corners with anything.

So sure, a bottle and label are purely aesthetic, but attention to every little detail is how world class products are made. I mean, German car engineers are known for their reliable engines, but how would you feel about it if that fine engine came wrapped in the body of a Ford Focus? Point and case.

The only problem is that a custom bottle requires a custom tooling. To produce that specific bottle, the manufacturer has to spend a lot of time re-configuring the machines to work with our tooling. To make it worth the manufacturer’s time, they have a minimum order quantity of over 22,000 bottles. What a small micro-distillery is going to do with that many bottle, I still have yet to figure out, but we will make it work. We always do!

Right now, our equipment has a maximum capacity of about 300 bottles per week. Even if we continue to pump out the good stuff at full steam, that still means it will take us a year and half to go through that many bottles. So…. Anyone have some unused garage space that they want to trade for booze?!

Anyway, to end the anticipation, here is the 3D rendering of our custom bottles. We can’t wait to get some liquor in them and get them up on the shelves!

Idlewild Spirits' Custom Bottle
Idlewild Spirits’ Custom Bottle