Barrel Aged Gin

We’ve introduced our delicious and botanically balanced Alpine Gin to a charred white oak barrel! This bright and oaky gin is a conversation starter and an instant classic!

Alpine Gin

Blood orange zest, peach skin, cucumber peel, pink peppercorns, green garden herbs, and elderflower are just a few in the delectably dangerous combination of 13 botanicals that make up our Alpine Gin. Starting with our flavorful 100% grain base (proudly mashed, fermented, and distilled in Winter Park, CO), we have created something vaguely familiar, yet uniquely refreshing, and it is just the medicine the doctor ordered.


Hibiscus Infused Gin

Re-inventing the classic, boring, clear gin, the hibiscus infused with this gin lends it a vivid red/pink color with tart berry and citrus flavors. Initially met with a lot of skepticism, this spirit quickly endears itself to the drinker after the first sip or two. Due to the color, this spirit makes a brilliantly colorful substitute for normal gin in almost any gin cocktail. For extra fun, try making a gin and tonic upside down (add the gin to the glass last) and watch as it works its way down through the ice.