Equipment has Arrived!

Well, this whole build-out has been very trying…. In order not to bore you with the details, I will summarize all the issues we faced:

  1. We can’t take a Bobcat in to remove the concrete where our production area will be. So, we have to hire a specialist company out of Denver to come up and cut the entire floor into 16 inch square. 16 inch squares of concrete that are 4 or 5 inches thick are not light….
  2. We discover that the wall we are putting a double door into (so that we can get our tanks inside the building) is actually a structural cinder block wall. Alright, bring on the architects, engineers, steel I-beams, and welders. Oh yea, and those guys are not cheap either.
  3. Oh, you need a plumber to plumb in your steam boiler yesterday (which powers the still and mash tun)? Well, try 3 months and we haven’t been able to get anyone to finish their quote for us yet.
  4. How about you spend your entire Sunday dealing with literal shit coming up out of the floor drain in the production area?

It was a fun process, but now we are done. Here are a few pictures of the construction, just so you can see what we were up against.

Dust Clouds
I swear we aren’t burning the building down, it’s just concrete dust.
Concrete Flowing
Getting the concrete flowing for the production area floor.

However, we are finally there! We are at a point where we have our equipment in the building! Definitely took some problem solving and some finagling to get it there, but we made it happen. Hoisting 350 gallon triple-walled fermenters from horizontal to vertical without any decent hoisting system or support is definitely sketchy at best. It probably is almost definitely not rated to have that much of a horiztonal load on it (see pictures below), but we ended up rigging a vehicle winch to the big cross beam in the building, daisy chaining several sets of jumper cables from my car parked outside, and using that to winch the fermenter upright and into position. The second fermenter decided to break loose and swing sideway, but luckily no one was hurt and nothing was damaged.

Anyway, again we have a few images for your viewing pleasure:

Winching the fermenter
Getting ready to winch the fermenter up.

Fermenter Raised
The fermenter is up!
Shiny New Equipment
Shiny new equipment in its final resting place.